SPIRITSOUND is  a chance to experience the effects of powerful chanting and drumming, using the voice and the drum as the means through which to experience a connection to the Divine.

As a form of meditation, we use mantra chanting to 'still the mind' and connect with your authentic self. In Shamanic drumming you are guided by the drum itself, as if you are flying on the wind or riding on a horse. Magic occurs spontaneously as we allow ourselves to relax and travel on the Spiritsound journey....

Jana Runnalls works with sacred songs from different spiritual traditions, many original songs & chants in English - powerful ceremonial chants in Native American languages and mantras and songs in the most ancient sacred language of all - Sanskrit.

The healing aspect of this work is on-going - as we release our fears and find the courage to face our karmic patterns, we find 'spiritual liberation'. In re-creating a sacred space or 'temple' in which to make our ceremonial music, we give ourselves permission to express ourselves from our 'Higher Selves' - and this is the most beautiful, blissful connection to the Divine Source.

JANA RUNNALLS  is a singer, musician & teacher with many years’ experience of performing and recording her work. Her original style of singing and songwriting have earned her a powerful reputation within the alternative network of New Age, Pagan & Devotional Music. Her classes and workshops give you the material for personal & collective healing, rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage.

Jana's spiritual path is a combination of teachings from Shamanism, Hinduism, and Celtic Wicca. This is reflected in her music and her teaching styles. 

Jana’s teaching ability take people into a creative ceremonial awareness and with drum, voice and prayer, she provides the tools for self-healing, personal transformation and soul retrieval.

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Jana is available for both personal and group work, please feel free to CONTACT her.